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Happy October 31! I pray that you will let your light shine and spread the love of Christ today rather than give this day over to evil. I DO NOT agree that we should not participate in today. I think, as believers, we extract ourselves from CLEAR OPPORTUNITIES to share the love of Christ. You absolutely know that you are not celebrating evil, Halloween or All Hallow's Eve and I pray that you are sure of your salvation in Christ. So why remove yourself from today? A little secret: Evil happens EVERYDAY, sacrifices are made EVERYDAY, incantations are said EVERYDAY - so we should stay engaged EVERYDAY! No day has EVER BELONGED to satan nor anyone else. Therefore, walk in Psalm 118:24 and REJOICE! Christmas is just as much a pagan holiday and yet folks (believers) go broke buying presents and they don't exclude themselves from that holiday.

So turn on your light, get some good candy, add a tract or something to share the gospel (you can even just put on a smile and say God bless you), and bless the people who come to your door. Some of us have NEVER evangelized a soul - well here's the prime opportunity - they are coming to you, front and center. Get your 30 second speech together and share Christ with the world! I'm counting on you.

And for those of you who have separated yourself - I'm sorry you feel the way you do - but I wonder if you have forgotten the authority that you have? I promise you that you won't lose your salvation and I also promise you that you CAN walk in the authority given you by Jesus. I wonder how brave we are? I can assure you that no demon will dawn my doorstep, and if it does, it must have come to be cast out! My home is covered in the Blood of Jesus and I don't allow trespassers - how about you? Don't cower down! Command this atmosphere - it doesn't HAVE TO BE a day for satan - that is if you don't turn it over to him. Okay - I've said enough. Make today wonderful!!!! Oh and by the way - happy birthday to my wonderful friends who were born on this amazing day!