New to FWI?

There are many questions when choosing to visit a new church.  Below is our attempt to answer your questions before you arrive. Of course, if you come, stop by our Visitor's Station or ask any of our staff upon your arrival and we will be happy to assist you.  Or feel free to contact us before you come.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

What is service like?
Fresh Wind International is like a family and we have services that last less than two hours, that is if the Spirit of God allows us to be done in that timeframe. We welcome everyone and we enjoy meeting new people.  Our services are yielded by the Holy Spirit which means that we allow prophetic ministry to flow.  We are not the typical church with the predictable, programmed service [3 songs, welcome, announcements, offering, sermon, go home].  Nope, that's not "fresh."  We enjoy the times of sitting and hearing God for what He wants to do in the service and we leave room for demonstrations of healing, deliverance, and salvation at the altar calls. Don't mistake us, however, the Word of God is administered from the Holy Scriptures every week. While we may have moments of the items mentioned above, there is no order for when they will happen.  Some days, we simply have prayer and worship.  So if you are looking for the non-traditional church, look no further.  

What about my kids?
We love the little people and we have a Children's Ministry for children up to age 12.  Those over 12 have the wonderful opportunity of helping out in the Children's Ministry or joining the adults in service.  In addition, we have special events for our children to allow them to bond and fellowship with one another.

Where do I park?
You are free to park anywhere in our lot - there is plenty of space.  Our entrance faces west where there are double doors and a large "Fresh Wind" flag that greets you.  You will enter the lobby area and our sanctuary is on the right. 

What do I wear?
Wear, you ask?  Please come as dressy as you like or as comfortable as you like. Well, we ask that you come covered and respectable.  No pajamas - but you can come in jeans, shorts, dresses, tennis shoes, heels, suits - all is welcome.

What denomination are you?
We are a non-denominational church with an apostolic/prophetic (five-fold) model of ministry.  If that's foreign to you - Google it or come and learn more, but we can assure you we are Bible based and unrestricted by man made rules and doctrine.

How can I get connected?
We have our FWI app that you can download on your phone and stay in touch with us.  And if you are ready to connect and be a part of our family, we open the doors for membership each week.